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Poems of Nature proposes an open-minded, hospitable, and unpredictable painting experience, which aims to escape from the bi-dimensional format by offering the audience a different way of approaching the pictorial art object. The staging is inspired by the journey and the migrations of the author, his dreams, nightmares, intimate relationships, and physical and spiritual dimensions, seen from the aesthetics of portraits and landscapes. The artist presents portraits that capture those traumatic and immutable states of mind that reveal characters in transit, as if in a state of shock, almost lost in their gaze, contemplative. His landscapes become mental, physical, and metaphysical sensory spaces. Portales invites the viewers to immerse themselves in his poetic universe, which includes a site-specific fresco.

  • Date: 15/4/2023 18:00 - 3/6/2023 18:00
  • Location 274 Northeast 67th Street, Miami, FL 33138, EE. UU. (Map)