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Decomposition is a series of pictorial portraits presented during the XIII Havana Biennial, ranging from the figurative to the abstract, in which two fundamental figures or characters, Fidel Castro and my grandfather Aurelio Cusett, are taken as a reference. The first case arises from historical archive photographs and other images of the Cuban leader after his death, combined with a very personal and intimate point of view of the leader's image. In the second, images from my grandfather's family album are used, showing it from a daily and personal point of view. The choice of both characters for the staging of a pictorial dialogue is presented as a strategy of deterrence and rupture of the supposed prevailing political ideology in our society, or rather, the transformation of it. Fidel's figure and that of my grandfather are diametrically opposed in the ideal, political and historical plane, their approach and relationship in this case is given by a fetish idea that has haunted me for years, that of finding (or rather camouflaging today) the figure of one in the other. This connection at first only responded to a certain physical similarity between the two characters, but today I am much more aware of the complexity involved in it. I could sum it up by saying that Fidel presents himself to me as a radical political figure with an air of revolution capable of transforming a society and an epoch (for better or worse); and my grandfather on the other hand as the incarnation of the most humble, natural and simple that a man can possess in the best sense of the word, as a peasant dedicated all his life to the family breadwinner. Both figures are presented as paradigmatic entities that the pictorial process constructs and deconstructs in a quasi-abstract way, making possible a total (absolute) image in which the leader's historical and family (human) memory almost disappears but remains intermittently latent.

  • Date: 16/5/2019 10:00
  • Location Marlon Portales Art Studio (Map)
  • More Info: Calle 4/ Calle 17 y 19, Edificio 401, Apto 12, Vedado, La Habana